Stories – Lex Loizides


“The Bible is a dead book; a book not to be trusted simply because you cannot tell how much is the word of the Church (i.e., political) and how much is the word of Christ (i.e., spiritual). But the Bible is a studiable book.” 

When I wrote these words in May 1984, I had absolutely no intention of becoming a Christian. Why would I want to become a Christian? Basically, I felt sorry for Christians. They were the ones who had to have something to believe in because they couldn’t really cope with life – or because they had blindly believed in it since childhood. 

At that time I had only been into a church service twice in my whole life (I was twenty) and both times I was convinced that Christianity was dead; that it was all over. 

I had always enjoyed reading books and I intended to read the Bible one day but I never got around to it. My opportunity came when an old friend of mine suggested I read the gospel of John. I was very sceptical of his new found faith and began to read the gospel in order to convince him that it was inconsistent and phony. 

But I got a real surprise! The Jesus of the Bible was fantastic! Not like I’d imagined! He was radical. He stood up against the religious hypocrites; He healed the sick and fed the hungry; He spoke with such power and authority! Suddenly even I began to feel that some of His statements were coming at me! He said, “If any man is thirsty let him come to Me and drink!” and, “If you continue in My teaching you will be My disciple and you shall know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free!” (both quotes from the gospel of John) 

Over the next few weeks I began to read more and more. Gradually, my whole position changed. I began to seek God! I remember thinking, “Is this just happening in my mind or is God really calling me?” I said to the God I thought wasn’t there, “Is it really you Lord? Could it really be You?” and I became convinced that it truly was God speaking to me. I surrendered! 

This transformation from a hard-headed (and hard-hearted) modern sceptic into someone who loves God and wants to live for Him is my miracle. Many other wonderful miracles have followed that one but that God would reach down to me and turn my heart towards Him is still incredible to me. I have no explanation for the change that came about in my life apart from the existence and amazing mercy of the God of the Bible. 

Let me encourage you to consider the claims of Jesus Christ. Start your investigation. Sit down with an open-minded realism and look at the gospels in the New Testament. You’ll be surprised at what you find.